Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dave Brown Complete Multivitamin Supplement

Hey Dave Brown!

Looking Good Buddy! 

It's great to see that TruVision Health has updated their website to give recognition to
DAVID BROWN Founding Partner of TruVision Health.

Super great to see that finally. I have gotten off the chair I fell off, and republished this page from way back in March of 2015..
It's a good read for some.

For others, it may have your scratching your head.

Personally, I'm shaking my head as to how it's possible that this fine young man can post a video about supplements and try to convince people to use them. After-all, Dave Brown, is the alleged pink drink formulator that put Plexus Worldwide in the MLM business. David Brown swore by this pink drink concoction, and now he's pushing pills. Lawsuits or non-competes or any non-disclosure agreements wouldn't make someone with his highly disputed reputation lie, exaggerate, or withhold information, would it?

You can listen to his video here and before you do that, ask yourself what kind of businessman would put up a website that was unfinished, half-assed and worded in unfinished latin dummy text?

Dave Brown.. I think it's time to republish those Plexus pages.
Until then.. let's take a peek here

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